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Welcome to MindBloom Preschool!

MindBloom Preschool has evolved into a top resource for discovering the ways young children should be learning foreign languages.  For several years, MindBloom Preschool has thrived as a creative project-based multi-lingual immersion and STEM/STEAM micro school for children ages 2-5 years, as well as offering dynamic out of school time programming and camps for older children after school, weekends, and during the winter and summer breaks.  Our school is open year-round and specifically caters to families who value education and an internationally-focused curriculum for their children within the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas, as we offer a choice of either Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Arabic language curriculum tracks for their children.

Our team of educators is unique and teaches a daily Science-based and hands-on Arts curriculum containing a myriad of age-appropriate topics over a span of several weeks to support understanding.  All of our classes are taught in 100% of the target languages. Children enrolled in our preschool truly get the benefit of becoming world citizens by gaining familiarity with the diversity of several world languages and cultures every day, even if they are enrolled in one specific language track!

In addition, our program teaches school readiness skills and an appreciation for a classical curriculum that includes Piano and music with a global influence. We also offer children ages 3-8 years an opportunity to learn Mandarin or Spanish in our Saturday morning Language and STEM program located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, DC.

What is language immersion at MindBloom Preschool?

At MindBloom, language immersion is a method of teaching another spoken language, usually a second target language, in which the target language is used in all aspects of teaching the curriculum and in the mode of instruction. Here at MindBloom Preschool, our focus is EARLY immersion and our children receive all of their core subjects in a target language of choice, with that language being spoken 100 percent during instruction. Our preschool program model is designed to teach a classical curriculum that acknowledges cultural world differences and an appreciation for people, education, and natural talents and abilities that will enhance a child’s opportunities throughout their lifetime.

What are the benefits of my child learning a world language at MindBloom Preschool?

Our goal is that the education of each child in our program will be enriched by achieving competency in a second language at an age when achieving such competency is easiest. All of our classes are taught in small group settings with low teacher-student ratios to maximize learning impact. Our teachers are patient and knowledgeable native speakers of the target languages we offer and have excellent proficiency in both verbal and written English.

Our learning environments are spacious and richly adorned with interesting stimuli that are meaningful and awe-inspiring for the inquisitive minds and development of our young pupils. We take great pride in offering our children a thoughtful range of authentic cultural experiences on a daily basis. What better way to learn about multiculturalism and languages, than to be surrounded by true to life, tangible things that are genuine representations from other cultures?

The very nature of our program also encourages us to teach our children the importance of tolerance, empathy, and conflict resolution to be diplomatic and honorable in learning to succeed both as individuals and contributing members of our global society.

Hours of Operation

MindBloom Preschool is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 6:00pm.

The full-time preschool program begins at 8:00am and runs until 3:00pm.

Part-time preschool programs begin at 3 weekdays per week, from 8:00am until 3:00pm.

Before care options begin at 7:30am and run until 8:00am.

After care options begin at 3:00pm and run until 6:00pm.

Saturday Classes

Saturday immersion Language and Art classes in either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish are offered from 10:00am until 11:20am both at our present location and at the historic Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), located at 545 7th Street, SE Washington, DC 20003.


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