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Ms. Susan is the Director of MindBloom Preschool and enjoys reading and teaching children and adults from all walks of life. She has volunteered her time to social justice organizations and childhood literacy programs. Since teaching very young children how to read and write are a top priority, Ms. Susan is currently working to develop an innovative platform and clinic for young children to gain better fine motor skill development, as this skill is necessary for early literacy.

In addition, Ms. Susan is a certified TESOL instructor and has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) at a language school in Washington, DC.

To be the best resource for MindBloom Preschool, Ms. Susan returned to school to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently involved in more professional development and partnerships throughout the DC area to enhance the language and STEM curriculums at MindBloom Preschool.

Ms. Susan was a lawyer in her former life…

Ms. X is our creative Mandarin Chinese instructor. Ms. X graduated from Duquesne University with a Master’s of Education and also has a Journalism background. Before joining MindBloom Preschool, Ms. X taught young children at the prestigious Pittsburgh Chinese School, while obtaining her Master’s degree.

Ms. X is a natural educator and is very excited about how quickly her young students learn Mandarin--especially the Pinyin that she did not learn in China until she reached the first grade! See Ms. Xin at work in this short video: IMG_0100.MOV
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Ms. W is a lively and fun Mandarin teacher who always actively engages her students! Ms. H has a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and has taught both children and adults. Ms. W's teaching methods are superb and she teaches in our day program, our after school public school programs, and in our weekend language program.

Ms. J is a Early Childhood Education graduate with a focus on Special Needs. Ms. J offers our program a wealth of old-school knowledge and artistic skills and she is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. 

Ms. F is a scientist at heart, but spends her time as a trailblazer who heads up our Arabic program.  Ms. F is from Saudi Arabia and loves teaching all of our children and staff nuggets of Arabic language and tradition from her rich background.  She is much loved by families and everyone at our school. 

Ms. M, Ms. R, and Ms. N are a super-duper Spanish teaching trio with roots in El Salvador.  These ladies have LOTS of energy and they happily incorporate many songs and traditions from their culture into their teaching every day. Each of these instructors can also draw like champs and love to encourage the children to create artistic expressions during every classroom session.

Mr. N is our superstar Piano instructor who is also a musical prodigy who can play a multitude of instruments--even the bagpipe! Mr. N. has worked with local arts groups teaching music to children and has a very distinguishable way of getting even the youngest of our students to learn good listening skills and structure.


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