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This Fall, MindBloom will offer full Spanish and Mandarin immersion language after school classes at Takoma EC for all PK3, PK4, K, and 1-2 grade students and at Amidon-Bowen ES, for all PK3, PK4, and K students for the 2017-2018 school year!

Classes will be taught on site at both schools on the following schedules:

Takoma EC: Spanish Only Monday through Fridays beginning August 28, 2017 and throughout the 2017-2018 school year, 2 hours a day from 3:30pm until 5:30pm (children may depart early from class if they need to);

Amidon-Bowen ES: Spanish and Mandarin Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the 2017-2018 school year, beginning September 5th, 2 hours per day from 3:45pm until 5:45pm (children may depart early from class if they need to).  
For parents who have paid for August 2017, you have been refunded and we ask that parents who are beginning to now register to please not choose any of the August dates listed for Amidon-Bowen ES.

Both schools have at least two options for registration on the drop down menus below. 

Spring classes for both schools will be added in late Fall 2017 and will run from January 2018 through the end of the school year. 

Once families register, we will receive confirmation of the registration and reach out to families to note the children’s names and verify which days they will be registered for.  

During classes, students will be taught a choice of Spanish or Mandarin Chinese languages and culture by lively and enthusiastic native-speaking teachers.  The primary mediums that will be used to teach are Art, Music, Reading, and Writing.  

All classes will be taught in 100% Spanish or Mandarin to acclimate children to the language more consistently and to encourage them to feel comfortable enough with the language to begin using it. Based on the success of our day school summer camp programs, we recognize that constant exposure and consistency is key when teaching young children world languages and parents should not be surprised if they begin to hear their children use Spanish or Mandarin vocabulary and phrases only after a couple of classes!

After school language classes at Takoma EC and Amidon-Bowen ES will meet on time during pre-scheduled times, except for instances of MindBloom staff emergencies, inclement weather, or school closures.  In the event of class cancellations for any of these events, families will receive a full refund for unused classes. However, in the event children do not attend the language classes for other reasons or arrive late for the classes, we will not be able to provide pro-rations, refunds, or rescheduled classes, due to our staff schedules.

MindBloom staff is solely responsible for delivering high-quality world language curriculum at partner schools and is not responsible for providing snacks, outdoor activities, or hygiene/toileting assistance to children while providing services.  

To register for Spanish or Mandarin after school classes, please locate your school below and click on the appropriate drop down menu for all available choices to add to the cart:

Amidon-Bowen Monthly Spanish/Mandarin Fall 2017-Pick 1 Language
Amidon-Bowen Monthly Spanish/Mandarin Fall 2017-Pick 1 Language
Takoma EC After School Spanish Classes, Fall 2017

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